Tip-in: Manners

Tip-in: Manners

When was the last time you said “thank you,” or “please?”

Sure these words seem like redundant, overused pleasantries that are outdated and obsolete, but they mean much more to most people. A simple thank you can make someone turn a one-time surprise into frequent favors.

The true importance of manners is that they represent humility and respect. If you are thankful for a duty done, let it be known and vocalize your appreciation. Emotions and feelings can’t be seen but words and actions present themselves with clarity – especially as a tandem.

I’ve gotten so much from so many people because I treated them with respect and sincerity. Even if someone treats me with a level less than what I extend to them, I remain polite and respectful – in most cases. Sometimes people take themselves out of my respect circle with ignorance, closed-mindedness and malevolence. To me, these people don’t deserve my respect – let alone my manners. However, I try to be fair and equal in my dealings with people.

The hardest thing about manners is maintaining humility. Of course you will get tired of the older coworkers calling you boy, son or youngster, but you should maintain your composure (at all times) and continue to address them by whatever name they deem appropriate. It’s not because they are better than you or even because they have a higher position, it’s because you are better than their attempts to belittle you.

At the end of the day, remember to treat people the way you want to be treated. It can’t get any simpler than that. If you want to be treated well, said treatment relies heavily on your ability to treat others just as kindly. You are just a small blip on a small planet of billions of people, which is in one of many galaxies. Instead of acting like ‘hot shit,’ how about treating others like they are and watch how they respond to you.

#BroTip: The women dig manners too!


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